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Mission Statement

On-going monitoring of homeowner's maintenance activities and use of property maintains the beauty of the community and property values by ensuring Compliance with the Covenants and the Rules And Regulations.


Compliance With Covenants - Maintenance and Property Use

Residents who see a violation of the Covenants or may have a question about the Rules and Regulations and Compliance requirements contact Billie Stevens ( or by sending an email to:

By maintaining the appearance of homes and landscaping along with the proper use of the property is import ant in sustaining an appealing neighborhood and enhancing property values.  This is best accomplished by property owner awareness and adherence to the Covenant Rules and Regulations.  The Compliance Committee monitors and appearance and use of properties to assist the property owners in the performance of their responsibilities.

If there is a failure by a property owner to maintain the property appearance or if the property is used in a manner that violates the deed restrictions, a letter of noncompliance will be sent to the property owner.  The noncompliance letter will state the Covenant, the Rule, and/or the Regulation which has been violated and specify the amount of time the property owner has to correct the problem.

The Compliance Committee shall make report s to the Board of Directors concerning the status of all Non-Compliance issues within Clearview Estates.  Upon receipt of the original notice of Non-Compliance, the property owner has the option to comply within the specified time or may request additional time in order to comply or may contest the notice of Non-Compliance by submitting a written request to the Board for an Appeal Hearing before the full membership of the Board of Directors.  In the event that the property owner fails to utilize any of the three options, the Compliance Committee shall bring the issue to the Clearview Estates Board of Directors for recommendations of corrective actions.

Such action might include the referral of the problem to the Association's attorney for corrections through a civil court  proceeding.  The Association can thus seek court ordered compliance and can further seek reimbursement for reasonable attorney fees and court costs.  In certain other situations the Association has the right to enter on the property for purposes necessary to the proper maintenance of the property.


Landlord Property Owners

Renters who have leased homes from property owners are also expected to comply with the deed restrictions.  The property owner is legally and financially responsible for the actions of their tenants.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to make the renter aware of and adhere to all deed restrictions.  The Compliance Committee recommends that the property owner, acting as the landlord, should include the Covenants and the Architectural Rules and Regulations in the rental agreement and that the rental agreement should contain penalties to the renter in the event the renter fails to abide by the deed restrictions.

SEE - "Amendment to Covenants - LEASING 10-23-20"  in the DOCUMENTS Page


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